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Ombia Suncare

Nothing bad about this product, perfect sun creme for any skin, without fragrance and preservatives. UV A and UV B protection, waterproof 24 hours who believes that?! Pros and Cons Waterproof No fragrance and preservatives UV A and UV B None Price and Location 3.66 ...


OMBIA Suncare classic - Sunlotion / Sonnenmilch

Good product to protect your skin from too much sun. Goes fast into the skin, it is not greasing and the perfume is not intensive just mild. It is waterproof (how long?) and has a sun protection factor of 30 which works well for me. Price for 250ml is ok. It is from the same manufacturer as ...


Ombia Suncreme for Kids

Good product, does the job, however I dont understand why it needs a suncreme specially for kids! Because the normal Ombia suncreme contains almost the same, important is no parfume, fragrance and preservatives. The smell is a bit weird and therefore I prefer the normal Ombia Suncare. Pros and ...


Aquapac - Smartphone / Mini Whanganui

Waterproof case for your Smarphone, fits iPhones and Galaxy up to S3 the 4 and 5 I guess is too big! Works very well, also the touchscreen can be used inside the waterproof case as well you can use the phone for calls and take photos. However mine has a black backside so only the front camera ...


GoPro HD Hero 2

A while ago I wrote a review on the first GoPro Hero lets checkout the second version of it. I have to admit that I actually purchased the Hero2 in hope it is better and faster than the first edition. First a few numbers: FEATURES HD HERO2 PROFESSIONAL HD HERO ...

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