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PRIMA Ketchup clasico

PRIMA Ketchup clasico. Just tried this today in a small restaurant in Cartagena (Spain) with a really huge sandwich and french fries. Well, the taste is not as good as the Heinz-Ketchup but still ok. Not too much sugar inside an the best: 6 vitamins :-) Now I eat just ketchup instead of an ...


Red Bull - Energy Drink

What to say about the famoust and most selled non alcoholic energy drink in the world? The slogan of this Austrian mix is it gives you wings! Not really - but I sometimes like the taste of an ice cold redbull, also mixed with white vodka :-) The ingredients as sugar (11g / 100ml) and Taurine, ...


Burn - Energy Drink

Burn. The answer from Coca Cola to Red Bull :-) Annother energy drink like all others in a 500ml can. Just tried my first today. Nothing good to say about, tastes a little bit like Red Bull but there is much more sugar inside (14.5g / 100ml) it tastes too sweet and 500ml are too much for my ...


MONSTER Ripper - Energy Drink

Ok, I tested annother Energy Drink like Red Bull or Burn - MONSTER Ripper in a 500ml can. The taste is strange; somehow juicy but also very sweet as it contains 10.6g sugar per 100ml just like Red Bull. In comparison to other energy drinks it also contains L-carnitine and Ginseng. I ...


MONSTER Energy LO-CAL - Energy Drink

An other energy drink from Monster ENERGY LO-CAL the one with no sugar inside. Also with taurine, caffeine, ginseng, L-carnitine and all this crap same as the Monster RIPPER. The taste is first ok but after a while really chemically :-) Pros and Cons no ...


Kellogg's Nutri Grain to toast

Not much to say about the new Kelloggs Nutri Grain to toast. Dry like a desert, chocolate doesnt really taste like chocolate. Easy to use do, open the package put the Nutri - Grain in the toaster and wait for 2 minutes, done. Take a glass of water with the bar... Pros and Cons It is ...

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