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Apple TV 3

As usual very nice design and quality, the available apps are good but a browser is missing! The radio channels are awsome but to use it only for a Radio and watch a few Youtube videos it is quite expensive. Pros and Cons Quality and Design Connections Airstream Price Browser ...


TV - Samsung LED UE46ES5500

Full HD with all connections you are looking for, HDMI, Digital Out (Optical), USB, Headset and so on... Picture quality is amazing and it plays almost anything from your usb-stick. The price, unbelievable! Pros and Cons Picture USB Optical Out Speakers Smart TV Price and ...


Grunkel TV - L28-3N HDTV

Just had this 28 LED TV in a hotel. Pretty good screen but with 225 Euro expencive if I compare with this Samsung. And to be honest about names; if I walk trough a TV store and there is a Samsung a SONY and a Grunkel for the same price with same specs... I would not take the Grunkel ...


TV Sideboard - New Oak XL

Jysk just celebrates his 5 years anniversary and the sideboard New Oak XL was available for 129 Euro. Good price for a solid TV - Sideboard. Now back home unpack the box and find everything in pieces, uff, that will take a while to put togehter. So lets start, the manual easy to understand ...



A bit costly as the TV prices are falling and falling. But still a very good product, the little brother of the Samsung LED UE46ES5500. Easy menu navigation as I got it fast and without consulting a user manual :-) Many possibilities to adapt other sources as 3x HDMI ports, 1x USB, 1x VGA etc. Good ...


TELEFUNKEN HD-ready 24" LED TV - L24H125M3W

This 24 (61cm) TV is a low price model, small, light (3,8kg) and with a good foot. There are many possibilities to connect HDMI, USB, SCART and VGA. It has a low power consumption of 25W, the audio is with 5W RMS dolby digital plus not that much but for a second TV enough :-) The screen is 100Hz ...

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