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Brita - Aluna / Water Filter

The Brita Aluna jug with his maxtra filtering system works great, the water flow is fast and the result is noticeable different after the filtering process. However the question is do you really need one of those? It depends on your water quality out of your tab and if you have enough space ...


Arizona POMEGRANATE Green Tea

A new wellness-lifestyle drink with the taste of green tea, pomegranate and honey. Special combination but really good, a bit sour and sweet. Well it contains grean tea - but only 0.05% grean tea extract :-) Really nice bottle design! It contains no artificial preservatives, no artificial color and ...


Eve Litchi Tea - Alcohol Free

Well I like green and white tea and its great and healthy characteristics. So I tried the Eve tea litchi which is the non alcoholic equal to Eve litchi Aperitiv. It should be light - why I dont know as it contains 22g sugar a 500ml bottle! - And it is some natural tea flavor inside (what ever this ...


Monster Energy - Rehab

We have already tested two of the Monter Energy Drinks, Ripper and Low Cal, now it was time to try the Rehab. In short just dont even bother. It is way to sweet, ugly colour and the stuff inside is quite interesting. I mean most of you wont notice, because you drink it out of the can, ...

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