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Beer / Cerveza Mahou SIN

Mahou sin or Mahou azul (blue) what can I say about a beer without alcohol, usually they not to bad, but that is. No taste, like water and the colour only comes close to a beer. If you really that desperate go for an apple juice at least the colour is right... Pros and Cons No ...


Val Conde Reserva 2007 - Wine

A Reserva wine from the east of Spain Val Conda Reserva. Dry, medium to full body, long and elegant aftertaste. Ideal with all kinds of meat, game, poultry and cheese. Perfect to be consumed now, will develop nicely in the bottle during the next two or three years. Serving temperature 16-18°C. ...


El Miracle Fusion - Exotic White Wine / Spain

Just bought this bottle a couple of days ago because of the mix of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat 2013. But it was not a good idea, well only if you want to get drunk for 3.95 Euro, because the taste is just not what I expected. The nose is not bad and you can smell the mix but the taste ...


PrimumCan - Basic / Dog Food

That is now the fourth product we try and it works fine for our dog. I have to say that he eats everything but this one he eats like any other food, he seems to be healthy and fit and the poo looks normal (regarding to my girlfriend that is important). It contains: cereals, meat, ...


Timelaps with a GoPro and a Mac

Today we will create a time laps with a GoPro and the Time Lapse Software from Microprojects. It is actually fairly simple to create a timelaps with a GoPro or any camera that has an interval and the Time Lapse App. For the GoPro I recommend a 16GB SD - Card and a fully charged battery. The ...


Orbea Mx40 Mountain Bike

It’s a big fun world out there. The best way to see some of its secrets is aboard a bike like the MX 40. It has a lightweight and sturdy alloy frame that’s tough enough for many miles of exploring. Internal cabling keeps things tidy and minimizes maintenance, and the front suspension ...

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