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Solar Light - Worm from Jysk

Cute little worm with a huge light in the body, really bright and works the whole night. Usually Im not into that stuff but I love solar and it looks much nicer than this fake rocks. I want a snail too, maybe next time... Dimension: Width: 13 cm, Length: 19 cm, Height: 16 cm Pros and ...


Ariston - Hot water from the sun

The Ariston indirect thermosiphon solar system for your sanitary water heating. Going with the sun should be the case around the world, specially in countries where you have a lot of sunshine. Spain is one them with over 300 sunny days a year you can actually produce hot water, electricity and ...


TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI-30 eco RS - Solar Calculator

Im not the crack in mental arithmetic so I needed a easy to use calculator. The TI 30 eco RS is a good one. Driven by light you dont ever need to change batteries and it works everyday. 10 digits display is a good thing - youll need this in future as the bank credits will grow and grow :-) All ...


Pay Pal - Send and Receive Money Online

Pay Pal is a subsidiary company of ebay and is used (according them) from over 143mio users worldwide. It is really simple to use, as soon as you have created and veryfied your account you are able to send and recive money in 26 currencies by only using your e-mail address. The Pay Pal account is ...


HeliosBox - The Solar Battery

HeliosBox has build a new Battery for your Solarsystem. Perfect for any Caravan, Bungalow or Small House. The battery can handle very high amps and can be charged or discharged in less than 1 hour, means more than 250A continiusly. Compared to Gel or AGM it has double capacity by only 38kg! It can ...

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