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Heinz Tomato Ketchup

The world most famous Ketchup is it also the best? I would say no but compare to most local brands, yes. Most of the time that is the first choice of Ketchup in Restaurants. Pros and Cons Colour Flavour Price Ingredients Price and Location 3.40 ...


HEINZ Curry-Mango Sauce

This time is not the well known HEINZ-Ketchup in the spotlight. It is the HEINZ Curry-Mango sauce! A really good combination of curry and a fruity mango flavor. I love to put it into a self made hamburger :-) Pros and Cons fruity taste combination curry & mango Written by ...


STUBB's smokey mesquite - all-natural bar-b-q sauce

If you like a smokey and sweet gluten-free :-) BBQ sauce I recommend STUBBs smokey mesquite! It has a really great taste, really smokey but also really good :-) Fine flavor of brown sugar and honey with a natural smoke background. All sauces are made with natural ingredients and Stubb’s Love ...


THOMY Hollandaise Sauce

I love fresh aspargus with this Hollandaise Sauce from Thomy. Normally I dont buy ready-cooked sauces but in this case I make an exeption. The taste is like I cooked it by myself an I dont have a mess in the kitchen :-) It is made without preservants, there are no flavour enhancers and no colorants ...


Sweet Chili Sauce from LIDL

If you like Asian food as Thai or Chinese you need a good sweet chili sauce for chicken wings, spring rolls and all other good stuff. This sauce from LIDL is pretty good, sweet and not too spicy - good for us who are not native Asian food eater who like very spicy food. Pretty good product, to ...

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