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Heinz Tomato Ketchup

The world most famous Ketchup is it also the best? I would say no but compare to most local brands, yes. Most of the time that is the first choice of Ketchup in Restaurants. Pros and Cons Colour Flavour Price Ingredients Price and Location 3.40 ...


Cuchol - Rat Poison

Kills fast but be careful not just rats and mouses, also other animals that eat it. So make sure your cat or dog dont like the red sachet... Pros and Cons Kills fast Clean Not just rats Price and Location 1.80 Euro Spain Written by ...


Red Bull - Energy Drink

What to say about the famoust and most selled non alcoholic energy drink in the world? The slogan of this Austrian mix is it gives you wings! Not really - but I sometimes like the taste of an ice cold redbull, also mixed with white vodka :-) The ingredients as sugar (11g / 100ml) and Taurine, ...


Thai Cube - Red Curry Chicken - Kitchen Joy

Im not a fan of convenience food - ready for the microwave. Anyway I had a headache and therefore I tried the thai-cube - red curry chicken with jasmin rice. Easy to use as it is frozen; take it out of the fridge, put it 5-8 minutes into the microwave and ready to eat. The taste is for that ...


Crivit Sports - LED Head Torch

LED Head torch from Crivit Sport available in Lidl, a good head torch with bright LEDs and splashproof. As you can see in the video the package is a nightmare to unwrap, I dont know why producer still use such plastic shit. When you get to the head torch the product feels nice, the head strap ...


Red Bull - Zero Calories

Well, I like the original Red Bull a lot - just out of the can or as a drink with vodka and ice. Therefore I tried today the new Red Bull - Zero Calories. I am not happy with it! The first flavor is like Red Bull should taste sweet and a taste of gummy bear. But the aftertaste is the ugly and ...

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