Pepsi Cola

Im not a big coke fan, but if I have to drink a coke than Coca Cola. The taste is fairly different and for 100ml we have 10gr of sugar. Drink water stay healthy. Pros and Cons Ohm Taste Sugar Sugar Price and Location 1.50 Euro Cartagena / El Galeon - ...


Lay's Campesina / Chips

Lays chips, superb taste and flavour. If you have the chance to buy and try Lays chips, dont miss it. The campesina flavour with tomato, onion and herbs are just awesome. Another product from Pepsico and of course without gluten (glu what). Pros and ...


7 UP / SEVEN-UP - Lemonade

Seven-up is a lime / lemon lemonade. I dont like it because its tase is too sweet as it contains much sugar (10.6g / 100ml) just the same as Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola. I would like the comination of lime and lemon but not as this sweet. Pros and Cons combination lime and ...


Matutano Ruffles - Potato Chips

Crunchy and salty how original chips have to be. The Ruffles however are even more crunchy because of the grooved surface. Matutano is also a Pepsico company like Lays (Campesina Chips, Paprika Chips), however the Ruffles are different becuase of the surface and more salt, definitely worth a ...

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