Have a break have a Kitkat - this is the slogan which Nestlé is using for this this 45g chocolate bar. Interesting is that google uses also KitKat for the new android operating system for pcs, tablets etc. A connection between food and technic - whatever the thinking behind might be I ...


THOMY Delikatess-Senf mittelscharf - Semi-spicy Mustard

I love the THOMY products. Mustards like this semi-spicy one, mayonnaise, salad dressings etc. This mustard is for me perfect in its taste - you feel the flavor on your tongue :-) The newest researches also indentify mustard as a cancer-inhibiting food. Well, forget the sugary ketchup in your hot ...


Nestle Kit Kat - Senses

A new milk chocolate bar from Nestle called Kit Kat Senses. What a brilliant new product, for me much better than the original Kit Kat. The taste is amazing, crunchy, good chocolate and a taste of nougat, the only downside is that the bar is only 31gr, not enough! Per 100gr 165kcalFats ...


Bonzo - kleine Lieblingsknochen

With BONZO your dog gets in between all the essential nutrients and building materials. Maintaining many important minerals and vitamins for a healthy dogs life BONZO biscuits. Another product from Nestle and always quite expensive because it is for your pet. As always it could be any food to make ...

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