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König CitiZ white - Nespresso coffe machine

I use the König CitiZ in 60s white (D111-CH-CW-KG) with Nespresso capsules since about three years daily without a problem. The capsule ejection lever is made of chrome plated metal and very robust, also the mechanism itself works perfect. The plastic parts can be washed in the dishwasher and ...


Jacobs Momente Kaffeekapseln - Alternative capsules for Nespresso

As I use an older Nespresso machine and I dont have troubles with capsules from other manufacturers as for example Jacobs Momente. As you can see in the pictures the aluminium foil sealing on the capsule is just the same as on the original Nespresso capsule. The upper part of the plastic Jacobs ...


Nespresso Volluto - Coffee capsules

Everybody knows today Nespresso which its a bit costly but with very easy to use and very good working capsule system. And the advertising slogan Nespresso, what else? with George Clooney is also well known. One of the famost espressos is Volluto with an intensity from 4 on a scale to 12, a ...


Bluecup - make your own coffee with a nespresso machine

We always have a look on new and unique products in the web and like to help people who have good ideas. Today it is about Bluecup. This is a special coffee capsule replacement for Nespresso coffee machines. Bluecups, which can be filled by yourself with your fauvorite coffee, can be used at least ...

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