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Bloom Max - Bug killer

If you dont like bugs that is the spray to buy, kills everything that crawls or flies in seconds and not minutes. I personally dont know how healthy it is to stay in the room when you killed something but the bug dies pretty fast. I think they tried to make it smell like flowers but if you see how ...


Mosquito Coil - Cuchol

Mosquito Coils really stinky and not so efficient. It burns for a long time, however to get protection you need to sit in the smoke and that gives me a headache. it is also really hard to separate them from each other, one broke already. Does it work? Not really Does it stink? Yes Would I buy it ...


XPEL - Mosquito Bands - Repellent

The mosquito wristband from XPEL contains DEET and should be working in tropical climates, maybe thats the reason why it doesnt work in Spain. It should last for 120 hours but I had mosquitos all over me the first time I put it on, I have to say it still smells like this yellow citrus candles ...


Mosquito / Insect Door Curtain

Troubles with insects inside your house, but want to leave the door open? This very cheap solution from Lidl actually works, for only 4.99 Euro you get a natural barrier for insects. To install it is a pain in the ass and to walk through with stuff (like plates) as well, but other than that it is ...


How to kill one Mosquito

I have been in six different countries this Year so far and all have the same problem, Mosquitos!!! Doesnt matter if you are in Australia, Spain, Switzerland or France this bloody bastards are everywhere. Here is a how to kill one Mosquito in 5 minutes. You will need, two white paper, one glass ...


ream anti mücke+zecke

The Mosquitos loves me..... but not any more. This Spray is realy effective. It smells good and you have not a sticky feeling. The anti mosquito spray is not really a spray you have to apply it with your hands if you miss a spot you will get bitten. That means you should wash your hands ...

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