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Lindt Chocolate / Milk and Almonds

Half of the chocolate was already gone before we had the chance to take a photo. Milk and Almonds what a combination, love it. Made in Switzerland. Wer hat es erfunden... Pros and Cons Taste Taste Flavour Ahm None! Maybe bad for your teeth Price and Location 1.90 ...


Oreo Original

Very good chocolate - milk biscuits, you can enjoy it in three different ways: 1. eat it, 2. Lick it or 3. dip it in Milk. Im sure you will find more ways to eat it but that are the most comon ones. Let us know how you enjoy your Oreo. Pros and Cons Taste Available ...


Cola Cao Original - Chocolate Powder

Yammi hot chocolate with Cola Cao, perfect mix between chocolate and sugar, best mixed with hot milk. I like the taste and compared with Nesquick it has a more chocolate flavour. Pros and Cons Taste Yammi Sugar Price and Location 1.50 Euro El Levante Hotel / ...


M&M's Peanuts

I love M&Ms, crunchy colourful and so tasty. Good for watching a movie, chilout in the garden or just in between. Mrs. Green, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Red, Mr. Yellow, Mr. Blue and Mr. Orange I prefer Mrs. Green, just love the taste and the colour. Pros and ...


Whiskas - Junior with Chicken

I usually get the Friskies Junior but that was not avialble today so I bought Whiskas Junior, which is a small bag (400gr) for more than 2 Euros. Ahm what?! Very pricey and the cat doesnt like it more than Friskies which coast 4 Euros for 1.5kg. However the first impression after open the ...

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