M-Budget - Toothbrush / Zahnbürste

The best and cheapest toothbrush I have ever used. Perfect round bristles, simple and handy design. Made in Switzerland / Wer hat es erfunden... Pros and Cons Round Bristles Price Simple Design None Price and Location 2.60 CHF Switzerland / ...


Colgate Premier white - Toothbrush

Good toothbrush, result is ok. Not too hard filaments but no flex head - sometimes you therefore get too much pressure. The blue material on the shaft is nomally soft material. Here its fake, its only blue colored :-) Pros and Cons not too hard filaments good brush result made in ...


HEINZ moroccan SWEET & HOT sauce

A new sauce from HEINZ. Completely different to the curry mango sauce as it is spicy and has a flavor of mint and also honey - very special. The dosing is not exact, if you only press a litte a huge amount of sauce comes out of the tube. Well, I would not buy it again :-) Pros and ...


Thai Cube - Red Curry Chicken - Kitchen Joy

Im not a fan of convenience food - ready for the microwave. Anyway I had a headache and therefore I tried the thai-cube - red curry chicken with jasmin rice. Easy to use as it is frozen; take it out of the fridge, put it 5-8 minutes into the microwave and ready to eat. The taste is for that ...

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