Heinz Tomato Ketchup

The world most famous Ketchup is it also the best? I would say no but compare to most local brands, yes. Most of the time that is the first choice of Ketchup in Restaurants. Pros and Cons Colour Flavour Price Ingredients Price and Location 3.40 ...


Hacendado - Ketchup

Good ketchup in comparison to others but not as good as the Heinz ketchup. Big 600ml bottle with a perfect working dosage opening - it gives you the amount of ketchup you like to have on your plate :-) Pros and Cons taste dosage Written by Michael Captain Michael on his boat ...


PRIMA Ketchup clasico

PRIMA Ketchup clasico. Just tried this today in a small restaurant in Cartagena (Spain) with a really huge sandwich and french fries. Well, the taste is not as good as the Heinz-Ketchup but still ok. Not too much sugar inside an the best: 6 vitamins :-) Now I eat just ketchup instead of an ...


Kania - Tomato Ketchup / Lidl

The ketchup from Lidl is quite good, the bottle is like the Heinz Ketchup with a good lid easy to dose the ketchup. The colour is nice, doesnt look like a fake tomato but it has a bit too much vinegar or alcohol. It has a slightly sour after taste. Compare to the Hacendado Ketchup it has ...

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