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Cola Cao Original - Chocolate Powder

Yammi hot chocolate with Cola Cao, perfect mix between chocolate and sugar, best mixed with hot milk. I like the taste and compared with Nesquick it has a more chocolate flavour. Pros and Cons Taste Yammi Sugar Price and Location 1.50 Euro El Levante Hotel / ...


Hot Chocolate / Paladin minuto

What can I say, if you like melted chocolate with milk, you should have a Paladin. Brutal sweet and a real chocolate. I personally prefer Cola Cao as a hot chocolate in the morning. Offical statement: Because with Paladín Minuto you can enjoy the most delicious, authentic cup of ...


HEINZ moroccan SWEET & HOT sauce

A new sauce from HEINZ. Completely different to the curry mango sauce as it is spicy and has a flavor of mint and also honey - very special. The dosing is not exact, if you only press a litte a huge amount of sauce comes out of the tube. Well, I would not buy it again :-) Pros and ...


Ariston - Hot water from the sun

The Ariston indirect thermosiphon solar system for your sanitary water heating. Going with the sun should be the case around the world, specially in countries where you have a lot of sunshine. Spain is one them with over 300 sunny days a year you can actually produce hot water, electricity and ...


Sausage Roll - Pig in Blankets

How to make Sausage Rolls, pig in blankets or however you want to call it. :) However there is a slight difference between sausage roll and pig in blankets, pig in blankets are much smaller and the ends are not covered in puff pastry. You need: Vienna Sausages Puff Pastry (square not ...

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