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Heinz Tomato Ketchup

The world most famous Ketchup is it also the best? I would say no but compare to most local brands, yes. Most of the time that is the first choice of Ketchup in Restaurants. Pros and Cons Colour Flavour Price Ingredients Price and Location 3.40 ...


HEINZ Curry-Mango Sauce

This time is not the well known HEINZ-Ketchup in the spotlight. It is the HEINZ Curry-Mango sauce! A really good combination of curry and a fruity mango flavor. I love to put it into a self made hamburger :-) Pros and Cons fruity taste combination curry & mango Written by ...


Heinz Maionese

Another Heinz product, this time we have tested the Maionese for you and I have to say it is not bad but not as good as a Thomy Maionese. However Heinz is available almost in any country and the Heinz Tomato Ketchup is one of the best. Also advertised on the bottle, free range chicken 5.4%, ...


HEINZ moroccan SWEET & HOT sauce

A new sauce from HEINZ. Completely different to the curry mango sauce as it is spicy and has a flavor of mint and also honey - very special. The dosing is not exact, if you only press a litte a huge amount of sauce comes out of the tube. Well, I would not buy it again :-) Pros and ...


HP Spicy BBQ Sauce

A new BBQ sauce from Heinz HP Spicy BBQ Sauce - Spicy Hot Woodsmoke Flavour. Well, long description and is it really worth so many words? If I look at the taste and the price, yes! I like the spicy and woodsmoke flavor - maybe a little bit too much vinegar inside, just a bit sour. But still really ...

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