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Garnier FRUCTIS style HARD CEMENTO - styling gel

You are looking for a real and pretty strong hair gel? Well this product is it as pomised hard as concrete. Strong enough for every wind condition :-) Sometimes after a day it looked like scuffs in my hair, maybe I used too much. Pros and Cons really strong holds a day sometimes ...


L'OREAL ELSEVE fibralogy - shampoo

Good perfume for this LOREAL ELSEVE FIBRALOGY (what a long and stupid name) but the rest is not satisfying. The hair is too heavy after using this shampoo and after only one day the it is greasy again and needs to be washed. Pros and Cons perfume too heavy hairs after using does ...


Carrera - Hair Trimmer (Battery/Mains)

I already use this hair trimmer for more than 2 years and it still works perfect. Two attachments for trimming lenghts 2-21mm and 22-41mm. Works on battery for at least 45 minutes and it is recharged in 8 hours. Nothing really bad about this product, sometimes it struggles if you need to trimm a ...


Alberto V05 - give me texture

VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray gives effortless texture for all hair types and lengths, as well as definition with a touchable finish. Works as promised and gives a nice wet look, easy to brush and it smells good. The spray head doesnt work always but the feature to lock it is good, ...

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