Lay's Campesina / Chips

Lays chips, superb taste and flavour. If you have the chance to buy and try Lays chips, dont miss it. The campesina flavour with tomato, onion and herbs are just awesome. Another product from Pepsico and of course without gluten (glu what). Pros and ...


Chic*Kles Polar / Hacendado

Good chewing gums with a strong mint taste, there is a softer version if your balls are not big enough. The package (plastic) is nice to close however, cardboard would do it as well. Another one with Sin Gluten, is that for real or just another marketing joke?! Pros and Cons Strong mint ...


Oreo Original

Very good chocolate - milk biscuits, you can enjoy it in three different ways: 1. eat it, 2. Lick it or 3. dip it in Milk. Im sure you will find more ways to eat it but that are the most comon ones. Let us know how you enjoy your Oreo. Pros and Cons Taste Available ...


Darbo / Strawberry Jam

Looking for a good jam, you found it, different flavours and very little sugar. Almost 70% are fruits you wont find that with any other jam. Offical: Fruits, sugar, concentrated lemon juice and the gelling agent pectin are processed to make our All Natural fruit spreads. Darbo All Natural ...

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