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PrimumCan - Basic / Dog Food

That is now the fourth product we try and it works fine for our dog. I have to say that he eats everything but this one he eats like any other food, he seems to be healthy and fit and the poo looks normal (regarding to my girlfriend that is important). It contains: cereals, meat, ...


Bonzo - kleine Lieblingsknochen

With BONZO your dog gets in between all the essential nutrients and building materials. Maintaining many important minerals and vitamins for a healthy dogs life BONZO biscuits. Another product from Nestle and always quite expensive because it is for your pet. As always it could be any food to make ...


Whiskas - Junior with Chicken

I usually get the Friskies Junior but that was not avialble today so I bought Whiskas Junior, which is a small bag (400gr) for more than 2 Euros. Ahm what?! Very pricey and the cat doesnt like it more than Friskies which coast 4 Euros for 1.5kg. However the first impression after open the ...


Sweet Chili Sauce from LIDL

If you like Asian food as Thai or Chinese you need a good sweet chili sauce for chicken wings, spring rolls and all other good stuff. This sauce from LIDL is pretty good, sweet and not too spicy - good for us who are not native Asian food eater who like very spicy food. Pretty good product, to ...


Scafoo - Restaurant and Bar Guide

The new Restaurant and Bar Guide is finally online. Great new options for visitors and owners. Food can be ordered online or with the new and unique feature developed from Scafoo, you can scan a QR Code on the table with your mobile device. (App is also available for IOS and Android). You can order ...

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