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eve Litchi - Aperitiv

A very light aperitiv drink with 65% beer and some litchi taste. Ice cold it tastes really good - mostly women like it a lot :-) As it only contains 3.1% alcohol you can drink pretty much of it without telling silly things. Eve litchi is a very good alternative to a radler-beer as for example ...


Somersby Apple Original

Somersby Apple Original is a kind of an alcoholic cider drink with 4.5% alcohol. I like ciders as eg. MAGNERS Irish cider a lot and therefore I tried this one. Im disapponted! The taste is in the end some kind of chemically and for me there is too much refreshingly crisp taste in my opinion only ...


eve - Wild Orange

The Cardinal brewery does not only produce the well known eve Litchi it also created eve Wild Orange. Well, also for this product are the main targets; women :-) Nevertheless I tried it and I like it much more than eve Litchi. It tastes fruity but also bitter which is a pretty good ...


Eve Litchi Tea - Alcohol Free

Well I like green and white tea and its great and healthy characteristics. So I tried the Eve tea litchi which is the non alcoholic equal to Eve litchi Aperitiv. It should be light - why I dont know as it contains 22g sugar a 500ml bottle! - And it is some natural tea flavor inside (what ever this ...

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