M&M's Peanuts

I love M&Ms, crunchy colourful and so tasty. Good for watching a movie, chilout in the garden or just in between. Mrs. Green, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Red, Mr. Yellow, Mr. Blue and Mr. Orange I prefer Mrs. Green, just love the taste and the colour. Pros and ...


Lay's Paprika Chips

Good Paprika chips from Lays, for someone does like it simple this are the potato chips to go. Simple and only flavoured with Paprika not like the Campesina chips. Good for bbq or to keep your friends and family happy. High energy as all normal and good tasty potato chips, less than 1% ...


Matutano Ruffles - Potato Chips

Crunchy and salty how original chips have to be. The Ruffles however are even more crunchy because of the grooved surface. Matutano is also a Pepsico company like Lays (Campesina Chips, Paprika Chips), however the Ruffles are different becuase of the surface and more salt, definitely worth a ...


Magnum Mini - Apple Cake - Stolen Kiss Icecream

Mini in size but big in prize. Vanilla ice cream, apple sauce and pastry pieces, all coated with a layer of cracking white chocolate dusted with cinnamon. We had number 5 today from a total of 5 different flavours, the chocolate is good, the size is good, but whoa the price is not so good. I mean ...

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