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Tiger Balm

The eye of the tiger... Tiger Balm helps against almost everything you just have to believe it. It smells good too. Pros and Cons It helps Price Natural Do not use it in your eyes or close to any opening on your body   Price and Location 1 USD Mui ...


Cola Cao Original - Chocolate Powder

Yammi hot chocolate with Cola Cao, perfect mix between chocolate and sugar, best mixed with hot milk. I like the taste and compared with Nesquick it has a more chocolate flavour. Pros and Cons Taste Yammi Sugar Price and Location 1.50 Euro El Levante Hotel / ...


Xylo-Mepha 0.1% Nasal Spray

If you have a closed nose because of a cold the Xylo-Mepha nasal spray helps very fast. It is pretty easy to use; take off the cap, put it into your nose and pump on time. After a few minutes (tried by myself) it begins to work and your nose get free. Best thing for a good sleep without a running ...


Sausage Roll - Pig in Blankets

How to make Sausage Rolls, pig in blankets or however you want to call it. :) However there is a slight difference between sausage roll and pig in blankets, pig in blankets are much smaller and the ends are not covered in puff pastry. You need: Vienna Sausages Puff Pastry (square not ...

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