STUBB's smokey mesquite - all-natural bar-b-q sauce

If you like a smokey and sweet gluten-free :-) BBQ sauce I recommend STUBBs smokey mesquite! It has a really great taste, really smokey but also really good :-) Fine flavor of brown sugar and honey with a natural smoke background. All sauces are made with natural ingredients and Stubb’s Love ...


Bonzo - kleine Lieblingsknochen

With BONZO your dog gets in between all the essential nutrients and building materials. Maintaining many important minerals and vitamins for a healthy dogs life BONZO biscuits. Another product from Nestle and always quite expensive because it is for your pet. As always it could be any food to make ...


Whiskas - Junior with Chicken

I usually get the Friskies Junior but that was not avialble today so I bought Whiskas Junior, which is a small bag (400gr) for more than 2 Euros. Ahm what?! Very pricey and the cat doesnt like it more than Friskies which coast 4 Euros for 1.5kg. However the first impression after open the ...


Sweet Chili Sauce from LIDL

If you like Asian food as Thai or Chinese you need a good sweet chili sauce for chicken wings, spring rolls and all other good stuff. This sauce from LIDL is pretty good, sweet and not too spicy - good for us who are not native Asian food eater who like very spicy food. Pretty good product, to ...

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