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Burn - Energy Drink

Burn. The answer from Coca Cola to Red Bull :-) Annother energy drink like all others in a 500ml can. Just tried my first today. Nothing good to say about, tastes a little bit like Red Bull but there is much more sugar inside (14.5g / 100ml) it tastes too sweet and 500ml are too much for my ...


Red Bull - Energy Drink

What to say about the famoust and most selled non alcoholic energy drink in the world? The slogan of this Austrian mix is it gives you wings! Not really - but I sometimes like the taste of an ice cold redbull, also mixed with white vodka :-) The ingredients as sugar (11g / 100ml) and Taurine, ...


MONSTER Ripper - Energy Drink

Ok, I tested annother Energy Drink like Red Bull or Burn - MONSTER Ripper in a 500ml can. The taste is strange; somehow juicy but also very sweet as it contains 10.6g sugar per 100ml just like Red Bull. In comparison to other energy drinks it also contains L-carnitine and Ginseng. I ...


28 BLACK ACAI - Energy Drink

Wow! This drink should have a lot of energy as the special Brazilian acai berry has 7 times more energy than milk :-) Well, good thing is that no taurine, no colorants and no preservatives are used. Taste is the first time a bit unusual (just like it is with beer) and then pretty good. Not too ...


Mountain Dew Energised

Another energy drink with caffeine, the taste is like this fizzy tablets, really nothing special and rather aweful in taste. The positive thing however is that is not as sweet as other energy drink like RedBull or Monster Ripper. Would I buy it again? Nope, I stick with pure drinking ...

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