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Gilette Gel with Aloe

My first choice of razor gel from Gilette, with Aloe and the colour blue (I thought Aloe is green), however good for the price and last long. Pros and Cons Aloe Blue Colour Last long None Price and Location 3.20 Euro Spain Written by ...


Beer / Cerveza Mahou SIN

Mahou sin or Mahou azul (blue) what can I say about a beer without alcohol, usually they not to bad, but that is. No taste, like water and the colour only comes close to a beer. If you really that desperate go for an apple juice at least the colour is right... Pros and Cons No ...


Batlle - Fertilizer Garden and Vegetables

Im not a big fan of fertilizer but in Spain the soil isnt so good and rain is missing as well, so why not help a bit. It works great the flowers grow and they are really colorful (check the video). You can also use it for vegetables and other plants so it cant be that bad because you will ...


Rio 2 - Movie

Official description about the second sequel of Rio, Rio 2 finds Jewel (Anne Hathaway), Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and their three kids leaving their domesticated life in that magical city for a journey to the Amazon. They encounter a menagerie of characters who are born to be wild. What can I say, ...


Red Bull - The Blue Edition

Today I bought the second Red Bull Edition Energy drink, after testing the Red Edition I wasnt looking forward to try the Blue Edition. But as always, a suprise, it actually tasted good. It is fairly similiar to Vimto that is probably the reason why I like it. The blueberry has his very ...

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