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NIVEA invisible - anti transpirant

This NIVEA anti transpirant has a really pleasant smell. If it works 48h - I dont think so but if it lasts a hard working day in a cole mine everything is fine :-) It contains no alcohol and no colorants, thats the good thing. But it contains still aluminium thats the bad thing as it seems ...


NIVEA pure & natural / Jasmin scent - Deodorant

A new product from NIVEA. I really like the fact that no aluminium, no alcohol, no preservatives and no colorants are used in this deodorant. It usually works a day without losing the effect but it is to say that it sometimes, especially on hot days, is not working for 100%. Anyway, nice product, ...


NIVEA Anti Age Q10plus hand creme

This NIVEA Anti Age Q10 Plus handcreme is optimal for dry hands. Goes fast into the skin and is not greasy. Q10, well, this coenzyme (whatever this is and how it is produced and tested, maybe on litte rats or rabbits) should provide a protection against aging and against the sunlight.Overall a good ...


NIVEA Anti-Wrinkle Q10 plus - Day Care

Facts from Nivea: The NIVEA Q10 plus range contains Q10 and Creatine similar to that found in the skin, in a powerful formula that works effectively against the look of wrinkles – in harmony with your skin. Combination skin visibly reduces the look of wrinkles and helps prevent the signs of ...


NIVEA cashmere moments - creme oil bath

If you like a warm and relaxing bath in the winter or after a stressed day at work the NIVEA cashmere moments - creme oil bath in combination with a waitoo overflow cover are the right things for you! The creme baths perfume smells light after orchidaceous, it is ph-neutral and it makes a ...


NIVEA Hair Care - Lift Volume - Styling Mousse - Extra Strong

If you are looking for a good product which is a real mousse or foam and provides more volume - especially to fine hair - this styling mousse from NIVEA is pretty good. If you have a look at our youtube clip youll see that the mousse holds long and doesnt get liquid again. Before using you have to ...


Nivea Men - Cool Aftershave Balsam - Sensitive

I like the Nivea Men cool after shave a lot. It contains no alcohol, well the manufacurer says only no ethyl-acolhol - whatever this means..., The after shave smells fresh and not too strong. After the shaving it doesnt hurt as other products and cause of its cooling effect I dont get a red skin. ...

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