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San Miguel - Especial

Very good beer, middle strong taste and 5.4 alcohol volume. Very special is the lid very women friendly and you will not destroy your finger nails. Pros and Cons Good Taste Best Lid Makes you dizzy Price and Location 0.40 Euro Spain Written by ...


Beer / Cerveza Mahou SIN

Mahou sin or Mahou azul (blue) what can I say about a beer without alcohol, usually they not to bad, but that is. No taste, like water and the colour only comes close to a beer. If you really that desperate go for an apple juice at least the colour is right... Pros and Cons No ...


Amstel - Radler with lemon

The new Amstel - Radler with natural lemon is quite good but not as good as self mixed. However only 2% Alc. and suprisingly fresh taste, for the lazy people a perfect product. I was suprised that an Amstel beer actually tastes ok. askMumu advice: Buy a normal beer not to strong (under 5%) and a ...


eve - Wild Orange

The Cardinal brewery does not only produce the well known eve Litchi it also created eve Wild Orange. Well, also for this product are the main targets; women :-) Nevertheless I tried it and I like it much more than eve Litchi. It tastes fruity but also bitter which is a pretty good ...

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