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STUBB's smokey mesquite - all-natural bar-b-q sauce

If you like a smokey and sweet gluten-free :-) BBQ sauce I recommend STUBBs smokey mesquite! It has a really great taste, really smokey but also really good :-) Fine flavor of brown sugar and honey with a natural smoke background. All sauces are made with natural ingredients and Stubb’s Love ...


Koh-Kae - Peanuts with BBQ Flavor

I like the thai cuisine a lot. This no 1 thai snack has a great taste. A bit spicy but not too much a bit sweet and a good BBQ flavor. Also the price is good - Ill buy them again! Pros and Cons Great taste Price Price and Location 1.49 CHF LIDL / ...


HP Spicy BBQ Sauce

A new BBQ sauce from Heinz HP Spicy BBQ Sauce - Spicy Hot Woodsmoke Flavour. Well, long description and is it really worth so many words? If I look at the taste and the price, yes! I like the spicy and woodsmoke flavor - maybe a little bit too much vinegar inside, just a bit sour. But still really ...


Hand Operated Barbeque BBQ Fan

A great product from France ahm China, a hand operated Barbecue and Chimney Fan. A really great and must have product for any BBQ operator. It works without electricity or batteries, just by turning the handle by hand. Everything works as expected and for the price of 2.70 Euro a bargain.The ...

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