Carrera - Hair Trimmer (Battery/Mains)

I already use this hair trimmer for more than 2 years and it still works perfect. Two attachments for trimming lenghts 2-21mm and 22-41mm. Works on battery for at least 45 minutes and it is recharged in 8 hours. Nothing really bad about this product, sometimes it struggles if you need to trimm a ...


Alcatel - Versatis E100

The Alcatel Versatis E100 gives top priority to simplicity of use. Its classic design sports bright motifs to add a splash of colour. The large-character display is very easy to read, and is compatible with caller name and number identification (if available) to know who’s calling before you ...


Solar Light - Worm from Jysk

Cute little worm with a huge light in the body, really bright and works the whole night. Usually Im not into that stuff but I love solar and it looks much nicer than this fake rocks. I want a snail too, maybe next time... Dimension: Width: 13 cm, Length: 19 cm, Height: 16 cm Pros and ...


Logitech Speakers - S715i

Superb quality and awesome bass, iPhone and aux connector, integrated battery for up to 6 hours non stop sound. The remote doesnt work as good as it should but the rest is top and definetely worth the money. Pros and Cons Speaker Quality Bass Charges your ...


HeliosBox - The Solar Battery

HeliosBox has build a new Battery for your Solarsystem. Perfect for any Caravan, Bungalow or Small House. The battery can handle very high amps and can be charged or discharged in less than 1 hour, means more than 250A continiusly. Compared to Gel or AGM it has double capacity by only 38kg! It can ...

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