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Have a break have a Kitkat - this is the slogan which Nestlé is using for this this 45g chocolate bar. Interesting is that google uses also KitKat for the new android operating system for pcs, tablets etc. A connection between food and technic - whatever the thinking behind might be I ...


MARS - Chocolate bar

MARS originally made in Britain is the oldest chocolate bar I know :-) A sweet combinaton of chocolate candy-creme and caramel. I like it cold - just out of the fridge... It is much different to KitKat and SNICKERS but I love them all! Pros and Cons creamy chocolate ...


Nestle Kit Kat - Senses

A new milk chocolate bar from Nestle called Kit Kat Senses. What a brilliant new product, for me much better than the original Kit Kat. The taste is amazing, crunchy, good chocolate and a taste of nougat, the only downside is that the bar is only 31gr, not enough! Per 100gr 165kcalFats ...


Twix Chocolate Bar from Mars

Long time ago I loved Twix the chocolate bar with caramel, but purchased it again recently and either I dont like it anymore or something has been changed in the recipe (I guess it is the first one). The pack I bought has four little inside with each two bars, not the size if you buy it as a ...


Scafoo - Restaurant and Bar Guide

The new Restaurant and Bar Guide is finally online. Great new options for visitors and owners. Food can be ordered online or with the new and unique feature developed from Scafoo, you can scan a QR Code on the table with your mobile device. (App is also available for IOS and Android). You can order ...

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