Beer / Cerveza Mahou SIN

Mahou sin or Mahou azul (blue) what can I say about a beer without alcohol, usually they not to bad, but that is. No taste, like water and the colour only comes close to a beer. If you really that desperate go for an apple juice at least the colour is right... Pros and Cons No ...


Kania - Tomato Ketchup / Lidl

The ketchup from Lidl is quite good, the bottle is like the Heinz Ketchup with a good lid easy to dose the ketchup. The colour is nice, doesnt look like a fake tomato but it has a bit too much vinegar or alcohol. It has a slightly sour after taste. Compare to the Hacendado Ketchup it has ...


Rekorderlig - Wild Berries Cider

My girlfriend likes sweet stuff, but Rekorderlig (what a name) is even too sweet for her. I tried but thats about it, wont be friend with this cider even if served ice cold. The name is a tongue twister at least for the none swedish speaking people. With a alcohol volume of 4% you will get drunk if ...


5 Seeds - Cloudy Apple Cider

Great product, tastes natural and awesome brand name and design. There are three different tastes, cloudy apple, crisp apple and crushed pear. I tried cloudy apple (my favourite) and crushed pear, both are very good but I prefer cloudy apple. Give it a try, you wont be disappointed. Pros and ...

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