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Nivea Men / Antiperspirant - Deodorant invisible 48h

Deodorant for 48 hours, really? Well it works anyway, but 48 hours sounds in one way pretty good at the other hand kind a scary. The good thing it does not contain any alcohol, colors or preservative!  Works for me and the good thing it is available all around the world. Pros and ...


NIVEA invisible - anti transpirant

This NIVEA anti transpirant has a really pleasant smell. If it works 48h - I dont think so but if it lasts a hard working day in a cole mine everything is fine :-) It contains no alcohol and no colorants, thats the good thing. But it contains still aluminium thats the bad thing as it seems ...


TAFT 3 Weather - Hairspray

3-weather taft hairspray from Schwarzkopf. A good product, my girlfriend is happy with it! The hair is not sticking together and the fixation holds good for a day. Well, not for all wind and rain conditions but for the normal every day use it is perfect. Pros and Cons good fixation no ...


Fa Pink Passion 48h - Anti Transpirant - Aluminium free

Today a very good womens anti transpirant from Fa - Pink Passion. 48h hours are promised, same as the NIVEA invisible. If it lasts as long we are not sure about but also the Fa pink passion lasts at least one day. The perfume is like flowers -  just a bit intensive but still good. It ...

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